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Event Schedule and Speakers

New speakers added daily.

Wednesday, May 17th

P1: Mayors' Panel and Ribbon Cutting

11:00AM - 12:00PM


Benny Lee - Former Councilmember, City of San Leandro (Moderator)

Lily Mei - Mayor, City of Fremont (Panelist)

Yan Zhao - Vice Mayor, City of Saratoga (Panelist)

Liang Fang - City Councilmember, City of Cupertino (Panelist)

John Marchand - Mayor, City of Livermore (Panelist)


Kashef Qaadri - Councilmember, City of Dublin (Panelist)

Greg Tanaka - Councilmember, City of Palo Alto (Panelist)

Lydia Kou - Mayor, City of Palo Alto (Panelist)

Matt Mahan - Mayor, City of San Jose (Ribbon Cutting)

Saul Yeung - CEO, (Ribbon Cutting)

Lynette Eng - Councilmember, Los Altos Hills (Ribbon Cutting)

Ian Johnson - Organizer, IoT Tech Expo (Ribbon Cutting)

David Canepa - Supervisor, San Mateo County (Ribbon Cutting)

Otto Lee - Supervisor, Santa Clara County (Ribbon Cutting)

Jeff Wang - Councilmember, Union City (Ribbon Cutting)

Limin Hu - President, SVCACA (Ribbon Cutting)

Dior Wu - President, SVCTBA (Ribbon Cutting)

P2: Bio-medical Panel on Human Aging and Wellness

1:00PM - 2:00PM


Eric Wang - CEO, Stealth (Moderator)

Dr. Mark, MD - All Functional Health (Keynote Speaker)

Dr. Yuehua Li, MDCareplusMD (Panelist)

Dr. Anil Rama, MDSleep and Brain (Panelist)

Niki Santo - CEO, Swaza, Inc. (Panelist)

Kashef Qaadri - Marketing Director, Bio-Rad Laboratories (Panelist)

P3: Smart and Clean Energy Technology

2:00PM - 3:00PM


Ming Lee - CEO/Co-Founder, IGET & SunGreat (Moderator)


JK Kim - CEO, MicroNoc, Inc. (Keynote Speaker)


Vijay IsraniOpenEGrid (Panelist)

Patrick Hanley - Head of Government Affairs, Viridi Parente (Panelist)

Kirk Oatman - Founder, I'm In Control (Panelist)

Raji Singh - VP of Sales & Marketing, Oorja Fuel Cell

Amos Kohn - CEO, TurnOnGreen (Panelist)

Dr. Akthem Al-Manaseer - Professor, San Jose State University (Panelist)

P4: Smart and Clean Energy Market Analysis

3:00PM - 4:00PM


Richard Scott - Director of Technology, Reliable Power, Inc. (Moderator)


Michael Fakukakis - CEO, Mechatron Solar (Panelist)

Doug Faust - Managing Director, SilRay, Inc. (Panelist)

Jacob Kinter - CEO, Home Smart Improvements (Panelist)

Jennifer Chen - CEO, JC Commercial Real Estate Investment (Panelist)

P5: Hot Applications of AI and Business Opportunities

4:00PM - 5:00PM


William Kao - Professor, UC Santa Cruz (Moderator)

Ling Zong - IBM Scientist, IBM (Keynote Speaker)

Yu Yuan - Fouder, Seize Face (Panelist)

Greg Tanaka - Councilmember, City of Palo Alto (Panelist)

Thursday, May 18th

P6: City Manager & CIO Panel

11:00AM - 12:00PM


David Witkowski - Executive Director, Joint Venture Silicon Valley (Moderator)

Jon Walton - Former CIO, County of San Mateo (Panelist)

Tony Batalla - CIO, City of Oakland (Panelist)

Ed Miranda - CIO, City of Newark (Panelist)

Benson Chan - Chair NIST, Strategy of Things (Panelist)

Khaled Tawfik - CIO, City of San Jose (Panelist)

Mario Vallejo - CIO, Union City (Panelist_

P7: Startup Pitch Contest

12:00pM - 1:00PM


Avery Lu - VC, Aventurine Capital Group (Moderator)

Johannes Rott - VC, Plug N Play (Judge)

Porter Wong - VC, Network VC (Judge)

Judy Lee - VC, Onelin Capital (Judge)

Henry Xue - VC, Cybernaut Investment (Judge)

Derek Chau - VC, Acorn Pacific (Judge)

Keith Kao - Judge

Rajeev Huralikoppi - RELE Technology (Contestant)

Bob Liu - 3D Designer, i3M (Contestant)

Jenny Zhang - BoxNearby (Contestant)

John Sokol - CEO, Saffron Rose (Contestant)

Phil Mann - CMO, AirWise Solutions (Contestant)

Matt Belachew - CEO, WearMe (Contestant)

Lana Suvorova - CEO, ESGentle (Contestant)

Aaron Li - CEO, Pando Electric (Contestant)

P8: Cyber Security

1:00PM - 2:00PM


Ahmed Ezzat - CTO, Big Data Insights (Moderator / Keynote Speaker)


Sean Chang, PhD - President, Rasilient Systems (Panelist)

Ling Zong - Scientist, IBM (Panelist)

Maitjian Welke - President, CMIT Solutions of Silicon Valley (Panelist)

P9: IOT and Cloud Applications in Smart City

2:00PM - 3:00PM


Wenli Yu - CEO, Archimedes Controls Corp. (Moderator)

Michael Clegg - VP & GM 5G Edge, SuperMicro (Keynote Speaker)

Jenny Zhang- CEO, BoyNearby (Panelist)

Paul Miyoshi - VP, Actineon (Panelist)

P10: IoT and Device Applications in Smart Cities

3:00PM - 4:00PM


Wenli Yu - CEO, Archimedes Controls Corp (Moderator)

Bill Pu - President, Leapard Imaging, Inc. (Keynote Speaker)

Yuqing Niu - CEO, Xingtera (Panelist)

Porter Wong - VC, Network Vc (Panelist)

Matt Olson Global Strategist - Media and Communications, Splunk (Keynote Speaker)

P11: Transportation and EV Market Opportunities

4:00PM - 5:00PM


Jian Hao Wu - President, W&S Solutions (Moderator / Panelist)

Wendy Thai - General Manager, Phihong (Panelist)

Peter Chen - Senior Transportation Planner, SCVTA (Panelist)

Francois Dion - Principal Development Engineer, PATH UC Berkely (Panelist)

Benson Chan - Senior Partner, Strategy of Things (Panelist)

Henry Xue - VC, Cybernaut Investment (Panelist)


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